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Friday, March 14, 2008

Reflection of This Week

This has been a really good week...REALLY busy but good. Levi's mom left Monday afternoon so we did some fun stuff with her on Monday. Tuesday I tried to get caught up on housework (ha) and laundry and get some things done around here. I also got a free haircut at Toni & only took 2 1/2 hours. Wednesday we rode the DART downtown with our playgroup and went to the Farmer's Market. You've never lived until you've done this with about 9 strollers through downtown Dallas. It was a hoot!! Thursday we were supposed to have a picnic with a couple of friends but ended up at McDonalds because the weather. So, today we did our picnic at the park and fed the ducks. Woah!! Crazy week but a lot of fun. This week was good for me. I never have fasted. It is just not something I thought about or really even considered. A couple of weeks ago I really felt like I needed to fast and pray about the selling of our house. I talked to Levi about it but did nothing. Then, last weekend, out of the blue a friend told me about a fast that someone did. It just was confirmation to me that I needed to be obedient. So, I fasted this week from sun up to sun down one day to pray about our housing situation. I really felt a peace that God has been and is going to continue to take care of us. I also felt convicted of some things and patterns in my life. God definitely brought some things to my attention. I was glad I did it and definitely learned some things.

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