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Monday, February 25, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Babes

The weirdest thing happened tonight at dinner. We've always prayed with Addy before meals and at night night. When we ask her if she wants to pray, she's usually reluctant but here lately she's doing it more. She'll usually say, "Dear God, help our food. Amen." Tonight, she said, "Dear God, bless those who hate us." I made her repeat it like 4 times because I couldn't believe that she actually said that. It was so crazy. I asked Levi if he had told her that. How does a 3 year old come up with that? I would like to think that no one hates us but was reminded by my daughter to pray that God would bless those people. I'm learning how powerful the tongue is. I want to have a powerful tongue but for the positive. Just as easy as it is for me to be negative, critical, and destructive with my words, I want it to be that easy for me to positive, uplifting, and encouraging. What a hard lesson to learn how much words hurt.

On a totally different note, we found out that we're doing our ground breaking ceremony next Sunday for our building. WOOHOO!!! One of the ladies said, "Boy that happened fast." To which we all laughed. We were supposed to break ground back in September and be in our building in January. We just hadn't heard anything in a while and then all of a sudden we're breaking ground. I guess that's just church planting timing right?? It's so crazy and frustrating all at the same time. We're going weekly starting Easter and I'm so excited. I'm just ready to feel like we really are doing this. On a separate note, I'm frustrated about having to do the kid's stuff or feeling like I have to do it. I read Jennifer's blog about doing things you don't want to do. Man is she telling the truth. I have definitely done a lot I did not want to do but I'm also ready for other people to step up and take over. I hope that makes sense. We're praying for more like minded people to join our team and help us.


rachel larkin said...

I am new to your blog. My husband and I are the very beginnings of church planting. In fact our intial launch service isnt scheduled until sept 09. I enjoyed your blog today, and think I may learn alot of things before I even go through them myself, through reading your posts. Do you know have any other blogs you'd recommend. Oh, and I can totally see your prayer that others would come along side you as a team to serve. I feel that way already and it has barely begun.

HeatherLow said...

Hey Rachel. I would definitely suggest Jennifer is a seasoned planter's wife. I've learned a lot through reading her blog. I tell you this is a crazy journey. Where are you guys planting? I'd love to hear more and be able to dialog with you.

rachel larkin said...

We are planting in Connecticut! An area that desperately needs to hear about Jesus! I'm excited yet so nervous! Thanks for the website, I'll check it out. How hong have you been on your "journey" for planting your church? I think I read you're starting regular services after Easter right?

godsgiftmylife said...

Hey Heather,

Did you get my email?


HeatherLow said...

We actually moved to Rowlett this past June and started previews in September. We were supposed to be in our building in January but are just now breaking ground tomorrow. We have definitely had roadblocks but are trusting that God is bigger than anything we could plan. Our situation is not the "typical" plant (if there is such). We need more people to help us launch. We are going weekly starting Easter but we're trying to seek out mission minded Christians that would join us. We want to do our full out launch to reach unbelievers in the fall. Pray for us. Please keep in contact, I'd love to hear back from you and answer questions or whatever. We're all in this together.

rachel larkin said...

Thanks for the response. Where have you guys been meeting in the meantime? I think it's great your breaking ground already, that is fast! Were you from the area where you ended up planting? Do you do alot with other women and mothers in the community? Are you working? I just have so many questions I guess. We are just having our second plant meeting on Saturday, we are just trying to get a group of people together to commit for this long journey. It's so difficult to find people with the passion necessary for the long haul to come. Plus this area is really difficult as far as church goes.

HeatherLow said...

Hey Rachel. Our situation is a little different, not your typical planting. We were supposed to break ground last Sept. so I'm so glad we finally did it. I think we'll feel a lot more settled when we're in our own place. And no, we did not know a soul here. It's pretty scary even still. I wish I could offer more encouragement about that part. We actually moved with our worship pastor and his wife but that was it for us. It's been really hard for me as a mom with 2 little ones. Do you have children? I actually joined and found a stay at home mom's group that I joined.They were my sanity. I was so lonely. We moved from a great support as far as our church went and we had a lot of people who loved us and would ask to watch our kids so we could go out or get some errands done. I miss that terribly. We have noone here like that at this point. So, going from that to this has been really hard. Levi was out of town one time and I had to go to an Emergency Care and I hate asking for help but I had to finally just had to ask our worship pastor's wife to watch the kids. It's stuff like that that makes it really difficult on me. Kind of random story but if you're in a similar situation you can probably relate. I've really connected with one other mom and we do a lot together. She's in a similar position as far as being away from family. It's been nice to make that connection. Hope that makes sense and is not too disjointed. It's kind of late:) I will pray for you. Believe me, I understand that feeling of hopelessness and not seeing how everything will work. I was totally there. I think I'm coming out of it. I'm doing a lot of talking to God about my fears and reservations. We still have a house in NC that hasn't sold so it's been really tough financially too. It just feels like too much sometimes. I know God has a bigger plan and I'm just trying to trust that. You can also email me at if you want:) Do you have a blog?