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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dog Issues

Okay so this week is turning out to be really busy. We had a birthday party Monday, that got cancelled and rescheduled due to illness. Tuesday and Wednesday we have Valentine's parties. Thursday was our preschool, which is rescheduled and Friday is nothing. So, busy week right. Next week is kind of crazy too. Anyway, we were gearing up to go to a Valentine's party this morning. Everybody was ready to walk out, we all had our red on, were bundled up and ready to go. And I thought, "I better let Becker out." Well, it rained, poured last night and it's muddy. So, I let Becker out the back door and get Keegan's bottle ready. I go out about 5 minutes later, enough time for him to have done his business. He's NOWHERE!!! I call him and of course hear all the neighborhood dogs barking. He comes to me through the fence but scootches out of his collar. UGH, he slings his dog slobber all over my arm, that was ready to go by the way. So, I've got his collar in hand and march out the front door around the side of the house, through the mud. He comes to me pretty quickly. (Don't ask me why I just didn't go through the garage....duh?) I start to walk with him in the house and he plants his feet. I mean plants them, he's not budging. I'm pulling a 90 lb Giant Schnauzer around the side of my house through the mud. I was so mad. I wonder if God ever feels that way about us. He wants us so badly to come inside and stay dry, warm, protected and we plant our feet and don't budge. I guess the difference is that we have free will to choose to come in on our own, he's not going to struggle, beat and pull us in the house. However, He will keep pursuing us, I do believe that and working on our hearts. And then from our side, how much easier would it have been on Becker to walk through the garage instead of going the long way in the cold through the mud. Poor Becker, I was rough on him. Needless to say, he did stay in the house and went out for very brief potty breaks.

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Grammy said...

Wow, Heather, what an incredible spiritual application to make out of an extremely frustrating situation! And so true! I have been "Becker" on lots more than one occasion!