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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Weekend Away

I was away from home Friday night and Saturday at a women's retreat in Dallas. It was really good for me. There were around 300 women, maybe more...not sure. There was a comedian, Martha Marie (Rita Morrow), Starla Harbin was the worship leader, and Gloria Gaither was the speaker. It was just really good. Some of the things were really different for me because they were really churchy, that just sounds so weird for me to say, just being out of that for a bit it struck me different. I really liked it all the same. Gloria was such a great communicator. I kind of felt like she was talking to me as if we were just sitting having coffee. Her delivery was eloquent and straightforward. A lot of what she said struck such a chord in my spirit. I loved hearing her stories about Bill, her kids & grandkids, and friends. She talked about our plan and God's will for our life and how "our plan" is rarely God's plan. His plan for us is to pick up our socks. Her mom told her growing up that God's will for you this second is to pick up your socks. Meaning, get through the day to day things that God wants you to do, don't want for the "big will" that you think He's got for you. She said she got through life picking up her socks, living one thing to the next. She said that the interruptions of life are where God works. Wow, living in Dallas, TX knowing so few people was definitely an interruption for me. I think I get sidetracked worrying about our house in NC or this church we're planting or whatever instead of the important things. I was convicted about how sometimes I view the kids are interruptions. Whatever I'm doing when they interrupt is so far less important than them. She talked about saving the relationship at any cost, not worrying about the dirty house or the to do list, don't miss the moment. She also talked about being content no matter what state we're in and being a prisoner of hope. Again, it was like she was talking to me. I want God to use what little amount I have where I am and knowing, hoping, and believing that God will bless us because He sent us here. I know that for sure! It was a good weekend! I missed the kids and Levi but it was really nice to just have a night away. Although Keegan who NEVER sleeps late, slept till 10 am this morning. He's had an ear infection so I think he just needed to rest but still, he does it on Levi's watch, can you believe it?!

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