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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Just Stuff

Levi and I have had a great weekend. Last night, we heard Jonathan play at the Curtain Club. He did a great job, it was very different but good. I was proud of him. Today we took it easy and just enjoyed being together as a family. Tonight, we had a game night at a friend's house. It was so much fun. We met some new couples and it was nice just to be there. Tomorrow is our preview. I'm so ready to get into a groove and do church every week. I know those of you that go to church every week would LOVE to have a break. The break is nice but it's so hard to gain momentum. I'm doing the kids stuff and I'm having a hard time being motivated. It's just so weird. I'm also doing a lot of thinking about Lent. I read the foreword in Levi & Jonathan's devotional guide and it just struck a nerve in a good way. Thanks Scott for getting me thinking. I was thinking today of hearing people complain because they gave up chocolate or they gave up coke. As if those things are "sacrifices." I know that sounds kind of harsh or something but in thinking of Christ's sacrifice, His life and then I'm giving up chocolate, and complaining about how hard it is. Maybe my problem is the fact that people complain about what they give up....I think that's it. Christ never complained and how much larger was His sacrifice. I don't know. I just really struggled with that today. It also hit me that so much of what I hear people giving up is food related that it makes me think of the world as a whole and how many in other countries don't have a fraction of what we have. It just kind of made me feel guilty for being so arrogant to think that giving up a pleasure like chocolate or coke is a significant sacrifice. PS....sorry if you're giving up coke or chocolate:)

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godsgiftmylife said...

Hi Heather,

I am glad I found your blog and Jen Vince's wife' blog. It's good to read about what you all went through as I am going through them. Did you guys meet at your home for your launch team meeting?