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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

SERVE & Date Night

were tonight. Our C Group (small group) decided to do one of our SERVES at the Rowlett community soccer field. We were going to serve coffee & hot chocolate to spectators. It's been hot here so we changed our plans and said we'd do water instead. Well...we ended up bringing water & hot chocolate tonight b/c it's kind of chilly tonight. We all felt a little awkward lugging our coolers full of hot water, bottles of water, and boxes of hot chocolate up between the two fields. People did give us some weird looks. We began walking to the different groups of people offering them water or hot chocolate. Okay now the looks really began. They asked how much we were charging. When we said they were free and there was no catch, they had to think about it. You could tell people were hesitant, the kids were not:) It's funny how adults and children differ so much as far as inhibitions go. We didn't mention God or Catalyst....we got lots of comments about how kind it was, lots of polite and genuine thanks. One guy looked and said, "You're just doing this to be nice?" When we answered, "Yes," he really looked confused. It was very cool. We're trying to be out in the community and love on people with no agenda. Love that!!

After dinner, we headed to Cheddars for our C Group's first ever date night. It was a lot of fun. We've got some wack-a-doodles in our group (funny how they're all men!). We had a great time and stayed out way too late (sorry Doug-5am comes SOOOO early). Thanks Brent & Corey for watching the kiddos!! It was nice to be out and enjoy adult convo...kind of:) We are loving our C Group and so thankful for them all!!!

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