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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Last post.....

for the night and the week!! Tomorrow I'm leaving for Birmingham, Alabama. I am meeting 5 of my closest friends and can't tell you how super pumped I am. We are the Yo Yo Mamas...long story but we named ourselves 12 or so years ago while in college. These girls are the kind of friends that you can go weeks, months at a time without seeing and when you're back together, you feel like you didn't miss a beat. I can talk about ANYTHING with them and know they love me for me. I love that!! We are all in different situations, relationships, phases, etc of life. I cannot wait to laugh, cry, eat, sleep, laugh, talk, talk, talk, laugh, talk with them. Man do I miss them!! So, I am out of commission for the next few days. Say a prayer for the hubby (and the kiddos). They'll have a great time!! See you next week!!

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