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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sneak Attack

Sneak Attack
Today was a sneak started off and I thought " might not be a great one." I was pleasantly surprised. K man woke up with a BAD diaper rash. I mean the kind that makes him scream and I can do nothing to help. We thought we got that under control and decided to ride our bikes up to the donut shop for breakfast. We ended up driving because we were going to go to a downtown uptown festival. We weren't sure what to expect but it was great. There was all kinds of food, giveaways, and great music. We had a great time. Levi had to ref a couple of soccer games so I put the kids to bed for a nap only to discover neither would in fact be taking naps. My friend called and invited us to go on the boat with them. They've been so generous with their boat and "sharing" their time with their friends. It actually made us want a boat and want to be that way. To just be able to hang out and enjoy that time. It was so relaxing. We had an absolutely fabulous time with them. I love my friends and I truly am blessed with wonderful friends. I'm thankful that we're here. I'm thankful that today was a sneak attack wonderful day!!

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