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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Learning Things About Me

Okay so I'm pondering two qualities about myself tonight.

The first is that I get distracted by negatives pretty easily and I rehash and rehash and rehash in my brain. I stay focused on what happened, why it happened, whose fault it was that it happened. I replay the scenario and what I wish I would have said, etc. Do you get my drift?? This is not a positive trait to have. It keeps me frustrated and focused on the small stuff instead of moving on.

The second is this...hold on I seriously just forgot, give me a second. Oh yeah got it...I've always heard people use the term "God talk" and in my experience it was used in a negative way. I never really thought about it but here lately, I totally get it and am totally sure that it is negative. What I mean is when someone basically takes a situation and then makes it have a spiritual or religious tone. Kind of like instead of working out something in a healthy confrontation, using God language instead. I think sometimes, people don't want to confront so they hide behind words like, "Well, I'll pray that God will change you." or "You need to go pray and let God fix you." this making sense? It's like, just talk about it and work through it...if need be pray together that God would bring reconciliation but don't hide behind a God that encourages you to live at peace and confront in brotherly love. Anyway, just pondering those two things tonight.

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