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Friday, September 4, 2009


Okay so this week has been good. It's been good to get back into a routine. I really think I'm going to like the MDO. It will be a good experience for me. Learning different personalities and dealing with them is a challenge but good. Being the newbie is a challenge too. I really like the ladies there and the kids both have awesome teachers. I'm really excited about that part too. They're both going to do awesome. My mom called K's class the chain gang b/c they walk down the hallway all holding a link to this big rope with plastic rings. It is so cute!!! I love seeing him with his backpack and walking in a line. It's so cute. A is doing awesome too. She has already made friends and talks about having a "job" at school. So cute!! Levi & I are doing good. We're trying to make sure we protect our marriage and our time together. That's really hard for me. I want it but calling and asking for babysitters (volunteer babysitters) is hard for me. We're trying to budget well and save well. It's just hard. All in all life is good and I'm excited about the future.

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