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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Time is Flying

It's a new week. Tuesdays are great days, I think they are pretty productive for me. I'm up early and get going. I try to get my workout, shopping, & accountability done before 8am. I got 2 out of 3 today. I kind of hate learning pitfalls about myself but I noticed one today. We scooted our time back this morning to 6:30 instead of 6. Well, I remembered but the other girls didn't. My plan was to do my jog/walk from 6-6:30 and then do sbux from 6:30-7:30, hit Walmart and be back home a little after 8 (I had a short list today). Well, my friend texted me to tell me they were at Sbux at totally threw me off. I like to think I'm flexible but when I have a plan and it gets off....I have a hard time recovering. I realize that is really silly. I found myself being quiet for the first bit of our accountability time and really had to consciously get back on track. It was kind of more character flaw to work on. We had a good time of meeting and the girls were ready to stop and I kept talking. I feel like there are parts of my life that are kind of chaotic right now, maybe chaos is too strong but kind of out of order. That drives me nuts. I like order and routine, even if it's busy. I'm trying to be okay with things being out of order (to an extent). I feel like I've got a lot to keep track of right now and I'm trying to balance a lot (more emotions than tasks).

We read Ecclesiastes last week and it's kind of random thoughts, they do tie together. One theme is to enjoy life and live where you are and be content with whatever is going on. I so want to do that. I want my kids to see me doing that and I'm not sure they do. I want to be okay with the interruptions and "pitfalls" of life. Another phrase that stuck out for me from the Word was "we work to feed our appetites but our souls go hungry." I have got to do a better job at being in the Word and letting it soak in my mind. It is a discipline that I really want to improve. I find myself thinking about it and pondering it when I do it, I just want to do it more often.

On another note, we had to take our van to the shop yesterday. Addy's door is literally about to fall off. I'm hoping it won't be too much and it will be a simple fix. I'm trying to trust and not worry...that is so hard for me. God has provided and taken care of us thus far.


Ashlie Seabolt said...

Sorry your day was a little crazy, but at least you had a fun lunch with 'the girls' - and I hope that improved your day! :)

I know what you mean about being in the Word more and letting it really soak in. I think that is one of the hardest things as a mom. . . not only finding the time to do it, but doing it right without distractions creeping in. Have a good one!

HeatherLow said...

Girl...thanks so much!! I do love being with you gals SOOOO much!! You definitely help improve my mood!