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Monday, July 27, 2009

Catalyst Rocks

So today I led worship since Sprang was teaching. I always told Levi & Sprang that I would NOT lead. I didn't like it, I didn't feel comfortable, Don't ask me, I won't do it. Well, God has definitely changed my heart and attitude. I am okay with it, I actually like it. Isn't that crazy!!! It definitely stretches me and I get nervous but it's good. One of the songs really resonated with me this week. I've got a family member that is making some crazy decisions and my heart is breaking. We sang "Beautiful Jesus" today and during rehearsal it just kind of hit me. There are a couple of lines that I love. I'll just type the whole first verse because they're both in there. "Your love oh God, displayed for us as crimson covered over sinless hands. Your Majesty, for all to see, in raging storms & quiet cloudless days." Isn't that powerful?? I can see the imagery of crimson running over Jesus' hands for my sins. I love the line that talks about His majesty is displayed in raging storms & quiet days. That's who He is. He's there in both extremes & everything in between. I love that. Anyway, church was awesome today. The worship was flawed but so good. I almost had a top 5 most embarrassing moment. Somehow, Meagan's keyboard changed keys and the first song started WAY TOO high. I so tried to sing but my brain was churning. I realized I could sing the first part but by the end of the song would be singing in my opera voice (which I don't have). I noticed B-rad wasn't playing & Jonathan's face on the front row looked very concerned. I ended up looking at Meagan and she said, "I'll fix it." I just stopped and we restarted. She did it very nonchalantly so it almost seemed like the first chorus & verse were planned...maybe not:) Anyway, if you want a laugh, you can watch it here. You have to go to on demand and click on week 4 Baptism.

Another SUPER cool thing about today, we had 116 in worship. We had a Baptism & pool party at the Callahan's tonight. It was awesome. We had around 60 people there. It is so good to get to fellowship with our CatRow family. I love this church!!!!

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