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Thursday, March 26, 2009


So this week has been really weird for me. Let me recap....we got back from Florida at 3:30am on Sunday morning. I did take a good long nap Sunday afternoon. I was cleaning closets and getting clothes ready for a consignment sale and to donate. That always takes longer than planned and some of that I can only do at night while the kids are snoozing. I've been tired all week. Tuesday was just an awful day and I'm not even going there. It was an 18 hour day, up at 4:50am and down at 11:30. It was long and that is enough to make it stink. Wednesday was good. We had dinner with a friend from NC and it was so cool to show him our world here. He was loving our new building and it was just a new level of excitement about our work here. Today was okay. I took Addy back to the ENT for our third visit. She still has some hearing loss and pressure in her ears. We're going to give it one more month and if it's not better, we'll have to do tubes. That freaks me out on a few different levels. It is surgery, which isn't something I look forward to. Anyway, one more thing on our plate. I just kind of felt in a funk all day and really for the last couple of days.

The building is getting closer and I'm so ready for us to be in it. It's been kind of consuming the last couple of weeks for Levi and in turn, for me. There are so many last minute things to take care of. It already looks SUPER and I can't wait to be in it. We had Blain over for dinner tonight, he is so fun. The kids and I stopped by the Penny's to visit tonight too. I always enjoy being with them. God has definitely blessed us with some pretty great people here.

I guess that's my random recap. I hope you've had a great week!

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