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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Keegan's 2

So, Keegan turned 2 yesterday. I cannot believe my baby is 2. It really is crazy how fast time flies. We celebrated at Chuck E. Cheese last night. He is so much fun. We got him a train table and trains. So fun!!! Our kids both love Chuck E. Cheese but they're scared of Chuck E. He came out last night and Keegan literally ran away, he high tailed it. It was pretty funny that he just took off. He got about 20 feet from us and realized he left us. It was so cute! Anyway, I thought I'd include some pics from last night.

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godsgiftmylife said...

Aww, how cute, Happy Birthday Keegan! They do grow fast, I am still in shock that my oldest is about to turn nine this month.