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Sunday, March 8, 2009

gotta blog

I've just got to blog for a second here. I am so blessed. I just had this overwhelming sense of love today which is awesome.

I had a great weekend. Friday night we took Fred & Patsy out to dinner. They are some of the nicest people around. Wendi kept our kids and we hung out with she and Erik afterwards. We laugh so much when we're with them. It is so refreshing!!!

Saturday I felt awful when I woke up. Levi was reffing. When he came home, he offered to take the kids to lunch and to play while I slept. Seriously, 4 hours later I woke up!! It was so nice and I felt a ton better. Saturday night, he continued to play Mr. Mom so I could go to Savor Dallas with Xuan. She and I had so much fun. We dodged all of the video cameras this year since they caught us last year stuffing our faces. I really didn't eat as much nor did I try anything "new" (except buffalo).

Today we had a great service at Catalyst. Levi preached about our relationship with Christ being worth it and how sometimes following Christ can sound negative before you do it. He paralleled it to the parenting relationship and how before you become a parent if someone were to spell out how different your life would be, it doesn't sound like much fun. BUT, after you become a parent and your heart like multiplies by ten-ba-jillion, every sacrifice (loss of adult tv, loss of freedom, lack of sleep, etc.) is all worth it. It was really cool. I love hearing Levi talk about our kids and his love for them. I love our kids and I cannot imagine life without them.

We ate with Erik & Wendi at eat free and it was good. Keegan got a great nap. I got a mini nap while Addy went through the 100 opposites she knows. We played outside with our neighbors while Levi was biking with Blain & Bryan. When he got home, we hung out with our neighbors. They are great people. Then, we took the kids up to the church parking lot to ride their battery operated car and bulldozer. They were so cute. We looked around the church again. It is amazing that the building is actually almost ready. I am so excited!!! I seriously cannot wait. Keegan hurt his toe and it bled....grossed me out a little. Erik was working at church so we again ate with he and Wendi at Burger Island. It was so good and our waitress, Spencer, was so fun!

Keegan's birthday is tomorrow and Ruth made him a cake. It is so super cute. We picked it up tonight. We just got to hang out with them, this is where I thought it was 7:30 and it was really totally threw me off. We have met some of the coolest, kindest people here and I am so thankful....

We are truly blessed!!


Teaching by Mom said...

I love that you are feeling so much love! Tee hee!!! That is so awesome. I really need to get deeper rooted in my community.

Ok, sorry I didnt get back with you until now. The dimension for the pillow case dress would be 17"x17" for the top piece and 5" for the bottom strip. Just sew them all together. At the top pieces sew a seam wide enough for a ribbon to run through! Tada! Thats it.

Teaching by Mom said...

Oops. I forgot to mention the dimensions are for a 3t/4t. If you wanted to go an inch wider you could always take it in if it seems to wide for your sugarbean.