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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Full Day Already

It is almost 9am and I've been up 4 hours...crazy I know. I went to the 5am turbo class. I like to do that on Tuesdays because it gets it out of the way. Then, I met the girls at Starbucks. I came home and cleaned the kitchen, caught up on emails, added movies to our netflix queue with Addy, and started laundry. Today will be productive (I'm trying to convince myself).

Last night, we had our last (hopefully) band practice away from our new building. Next month, we'll be able to practice there. It really is so exciting. I say that and in the next breath I'm going to complain there my foyer area is filled with boxes of kid's tables, chairs, changing tables, a big ole' tv box, etc. I'm trying to not be bothered by that stuff and realize that it will be gone soon enough.

Time to go change over the laundry and be productive, I told you it's going to be a productive day!!

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