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Monday, February 9, 2009

Traumatic Sams Visit

I love Sam's Club, seriously LOVE it!! I could go almost everyday and be perfectly happy there. That was not the case today. I took Keegan to the doctor, last week he got this weird rash and had a fever, it would go away, come back, go away. I wanted to make sure he was okay. He is, the doctor said it's some virus and it just has to work it's way out. Then, I had to meet a friend in McKinney to grab some stuff. I had to get a prescription filled and had to go to the bank. So, I had the bright idea to go to Sam's to do the prescription because the bank is right next door. I leave the prescription and we get a hotdog while we wait. Keegan dumped his cheetos out (accidentally, that boy does not waste food). The lady gave us a new bag, she was so nice. We go get the wipes we need. It's been about 30 minutes and the pharmacy lady said it would take 20 so I thought we'd be good. We weren't. We had to wait so I set the kids up on the bench with their chips. They were being good, we wait. So, I left them there to walk the 15 feet to the counter. I turn back around to check on them and I see Addy waving her arms trying not to fall off the bench onto the hard, concrete floor. It was like slow motion seriously, which almost makes me smile now. I go to run to her and see her smack the floor with her head and then body. Of course she is screaming. It was the weirdest thing for me because I seriously had a flashback of the head trauma last summer. I was fighting back tears. One of the cig cage guys came out and brought her ice and one of the pharmacy techs brought the kids gummy candies. They were all so nice but I just sat there holding her feeling so overwhelmed by the experience. I don't know why it hit me so hard in that instant. She's fine. I'm sure she'll have a bump and bruise and I know it hurt. I hate that about being a mom. I felt so helpless and careless all at the same time. Had I been standing 2 feet from her, maybe I could have caught her but maybe I couldn't have. Accidents happen and kids survive but it sure is hard on me when they do. I just want to protect my kids from any pain and hurt. I kind of parallel that to how God must feel about us. I know he doesn't want us to hurt. However, when we scooch too close to the side and there's a hard floor below (even after Mom tells you to sit still and eat your chips) we fall and smack our heads. I guess the lesson for me (and for Addy) is to listen and learn from our "accidents" and sometimes we have the scars to remind us. Anyway, we go to leave and one of our drinks spill. I almost just left it and RAN from the store. I was so frustrated at this point. I did clean it up with napkins and tell an associate. What a stinker of a Sam's visit today. I hope your morning was better than mine.

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h. rosy said...

You're such a good mom, Heath. I on the other hand, just brush my kids off, give them a tight squeeze and say it'll be okay. No great sympathy. Oh well. I should work on that, instead of just trying to calm down the chaos (which never really seems to end anyway until all are quiet and asleep in the house). Sorry for the rough morning. I know how you feel!