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Saturday, February 14, 2009


So, Thursday we had to go to the ENT for Addy. She went for her 4 year physical and there was fluid in her ears so they sent us to the ENT to make sure everything was good. So, Addy and I had a date to the ENT. They did her hearing test and it did show she had some hearing loss in her right ear and fluid in there. The doctor came in and checked her out. Did I mention that she got 5 shots on Tuesday so she was telling EVERYBODY in the ENT's office that she didn't need any shots at all. She talked everybody's ear off. The doctor said he thought she had a piece of a Q-tip in her ear. We don't use those very often but it could happen right. So, he was going to take her to the "ear room" which was where the microscope was. Internally, I immediately started freaking out. I had flashbacks of this summer with the staples and then with the shots Tuesday (and her kicking the nurse). I stayed calm for Addy but inside I was kind of a mess. I didn't know what to expect. I'm glad I didn't burst out crying or freaking out externally because all she had to do was sit in a chair and he put a light with a microscope up to her ear. It turns out the last ear drops we were on left a film or residue and that's still there. She does have fluid to so she's on 3 different meds to flush and dry out her ears. I am praying they all work. We go back in a couple of weeks to make sure.

I love my kids so much and I don't ever want them to experience pain. It was really weird how that emotion of being scared and freaked out flooded back at the mere thought of them digging something out of her ear and me having to hold her down. It was crazy. I'm glad it wasn't a traumatic experience and I do pray that it will all be better when we go back.

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Chad Bowers said...

Hey which ENT was it? Jonathan goes to Kronenberger, he's really good. In fact, he has an appt this afternoon - for a follow up to last year's surgery. (He had tubes in, adenoids out, tonsils out.