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Thursday, February 26, 2009

ENT Update

So, I took Addy back to the ENT this morning. They did the same hearing tests and her hearing improved a little but there was still fluid on her right ear. I was starting to get a little panicky inside, thinking she might have to have brains goes to the worst...I know major character flaw about me. So, the doctor comes in. He is awesome. He remembers Addy and they chat for a moment. He looks in her ear, the goop is still there. He still can't see the ear drum. So, now I almost tear up because I know they're going to have to go in and get it. I'm trying to stay calm doing a lot of self talk (yes I'm being kind of funny now). The nurse tells me she can hold her and I can go in the room because it's harder on the moms when the kids scream and cry but she'll be in no pain. Addy and I had the conversation this morning that the last time, the doctor didn't hurt her and she was going to be brave. We replayed that conversation. They moved us to the "Ear Room" and Addy was nervous. I could tell but she truly was being brave. They let her feel the "Barbie" vaccum so she wouldn't be afraid. She did AWESOME. She kind of freaked out the first time he put it in her ear because of the noise. But then she let him put it in and pull out the "goop" as we call it. He could finally see her ear drum which he said was perfect. I was so thankful. There was still uninfected fluid there but everything looked great. So, he said she just needed more time to be on the other meds to dry up the fluid. I was so thankful!!

I'm trying to learn to trust and not worry, that is really huge for me. I worry about alot of insignificant things. I think that's a control thing for me. I'm working on that. I want to be okay with letting things just happen and not worrying about certain outcomes. I feel like I spend a lot of unnecessary energy worrying over things that may not happen and over outcomes that won't be as bad as I think they will.

On a different note, our building is almost ready and I'm so excited about it. I think I wrote that in my last post but I'm really excited!!

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Barnes Family said...

ear infections are so tough, Alex had them real bad when he was a baby. When they suggested tubes, I freaked out...but Pastor Tim was the one who calmed me down (b/c Leslie had to have them when she was a baby). They put them in, he felt nothing...and ::knock on wood:: he hasn't had an ear infection since...and it's been 4 years ago. Addy's getting to be a big brave girl...I don't think Alex could be that brave now!