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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Well Hello there................

I know I've been MIA for awhile.  Summer has been awesome & crazy all at the same time. The kids and I spent two weeks in Florida.  The first week, I was with my YoYos and the second week with family.  It was absolutely incredible. I honestly had a really hard time coming back to reality.  Whenever I'm with my family, it takes me a little bit to reacclimate to life.  I get a bit resentful to be so far away and I kind of just want to stay in my shell and then I pop back out of  it.  I realize we are where we're supposed to be for now and that's okay with me.  I still get sad was quite painful for all 3 of us this time.  This was K's first time to be so distraught about leaving Nana & Coachy.  A & I always cry and carry on when it's time to say goodbye.

But, we're back and we've enjoyed June and some of July now.  We stay busy with playdates and pools.  I have really enjoyed all the time we've spent together as a family.  Levi has been going to work SUPER early and getting a lot of his studying and prep work done before others are out and about.  We've done a lot of fun, family stuff and it's been great.

I'll write more...I've got one more blog topic in my brain so I'm going to go with it while I'm thinking about it.

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