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Monday, May 30, 2011


So...I had my birthday!  It was lots of fun.  I woke up that morning and my Dad called a few minutes later. I love that my parents try to call me FIRST thing in the morning on my birthday.  Lots of times, they even wake me up since they're an hour earlier. I love that!  Then, my mom called.  That night, a friend kept our kids so we could go on a date. We went out to eat with Jonathan & Meagan, that's our birthday tradition now and then we went to see The Fast Five. GREAT movie by the way:)  Then on Sat. morning, I went with April Wilson and we had manis & pedis.  We even splurged & did the gel coated far I love that too.  And then to top it off, last night we celebrated with the kiddos at Chilis with the Wilsons.  What a great birthday weekend.  Today we're cooking out with Xuan & Juan. It will be fabulous to catch up with them too.  Guess we left the big guys out...sorry guys;)

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