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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

So, at Catalyst Church we're doing a series on Revelation. I have really enjoyed it. If you want to catch up, watch it here.  It's been very thought provoking.  A few weeks ago the phrase said was something like this, "We may not have what we want but God provides all we need."  Honestly, I have really struggled with that ever since.  A friend and I even had a conversation about it after church this last Sunday because it was so powerful for her. My initial reaction to that is, we don't always have what we need.  There are Christ loving people who are hungry and poor and they don't have what they need.  And I hear people, mostly Christians (I hate to say it), say things like, "I'm blessed with this money or this thing or this job."  And I don't fault them for that but I'm just not sure how I feel about it.  When we first moved here and had 2 house payments for 14 months.  I was talking to some very well meaning people and they were talking about when they moved, their house sold in 2 weeks and how they felt so confirmed with their decision because God blessed them with a quick sell.  It bugged me because God still blessed us even paying double house payments. We were taken care of but I when I say we were blessed I mean in our relationship with Him. We drew closer than we ever had before because we were so desperate for Him and HIS provision.  And by provision, I don't mean money, I mean the provision that we were His.  We even had the conversation so what if we foreclose...well what if we do?  We're still His and He still loves us. 

So, when I hear people say God blessed them with this or that and God provides their material needs, it bugs me.  Sometimes, our basic needs are not provided for. Sometimes we're hungry and we're poor (truly).  What I've come to learn that the phrase means that regardless of our earthly state, God provides what we need and what we need is totally Him.  It isn't about our humanity, it's about our relationship with Him.  That's still a hard concept for me. 

Alright, that's my thought for today that started a few weeks ago...still working through that.

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