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Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm realizing more and more how important relationships are.  As I read the scriptures and see how much Jesus invested in other people's lives, it's a call and a challenge for me to do the same.  I think at times, I feel choked by all the relationships I have and try to maintain.  There's my relationship with God, with Levi, my kids, my parents, my sister, extended family,  friends (from mommy group, from church, from work, from my kid's stuff, neighbors), students, parents of students, long distance friends, and then there are the people that I'm trying to establish friendship with that I don't know well but I see a lot (like my Chick-fil-a friends,  yeah I admitted it).  Man, it's kind of crazy to list all of the people I'm in relationship with.  You're no different, if you took the time to list all of the people you come in contact with, it's kind of crazy.  It's also crazy to think that I can positively or negatively affect each and every one of those.  I'm sure I have at one point or another and if I haven't, I probably will. I know it's hard to believe but I get an attitude at times.  I struggle with getting frustrated easily, having little patience, and making mountains out of molehills.  I don't want to ever tire of being a relational person.  Levi was telling me about a leadership seminar that he watched and one of things was that leaders have to have a high pain tolerance.  People will hurt you (and the opposite is true too).  That part is hard for me.  Oh, I also struggle with forgetting past hurts, I'm a scorekeeper.  I hate that because I think I guard myself at times.  We had a couple over the other night and we were talking about schedules and Matt told me that I'm always on the go.  I told him that sometimes for me, that's a way for me to be in denial.  If I'm always going, I don't have to face myself or the yucky stuff in life.  I try to balance and even when I'm on the go, do that in a healthy way.  I really do enjoy being out and about.  Let me clarify, my busy isn't always going through my to do list.  Sometimes it's going with a friend to help with something or just hanging out at Katy's house or clipping coupons at Chickfila while the kids play, I'm still enjoying myself and the people with me.  I'm trying to do better balancing that with my downtime at home to make sure I get what I need to done as well.  Ok, I digress.....the point of this blog was to say that I want to always be relational. I want to be a positive impact in the lives of others.  I want to be appreciative for the help and support I get.  I want people to know how life giving they are to me. 

I hope ya'll have a great weekend.  We've got 3 babies due in our church family in the next few weeks and my prediction is they'll all come in the same week, we'll see if I'm right:)

Even when I try to focus on one thing to blog about, I can't help myself.  Thanks for reading my randomness!

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Unknown said...

I posted a comment yesterday but for some reason it did not show up. Basically I was adding that relationships can for the most part bog us down and prevent us from doing what we were put on this planet to do in the first place. That is to love and serve our God. We just need to keep remembering our purpose here and stay as focused as we can. Have a wonderful sunday.