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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Catching Up

Ready for my whirlwind of randomness???

Okay so this week has kicked my butt!!  It has been super busy. I started back to work, 2 days a week. I know I'm whining but it is hard for me to get back into a routine.  Levi and I are running our first 5K together next week and I have only exercised once this week...ugh!!  seriously, kickin' my butt!!! 

Last night, we had some friends over for supper.  These are friends from the Chamber.  They actually own the Chick-fil-a in town (that's not why we're friends)!!  We love us some Chick-fil-a.  We just talked and talked and talked.  The kids played wonderfully and it was so nice to catch up.  We see them around town but it was nice to  be able to have uninterrupted conversation.

Yesterday for breakfast, we met a friend from Nashville.  He is a wonderful guy and I'm so glad he squeezed us in his busy schedule.  It was great to catch up and swap stories.  I actually worked for him in Nashville, great guy...missed seeing his wife.  It is neat to reconnect and share what has happened in the past 3 or 4 years and how life has changed so much for all of us. 

Talked to another friend early in the week and she shared a situation that she is going through where the other person's behavior is bordering on evil.  I hate to hear that.  I hate that those of us who call ourselves Christians don't act very Christlike.  I know I'm guilty of not acting Christlike at times.  There's a hard balance between being human and then acting out of our human nature in an ugly way.  I want to be the kind of person that extends grace and mercy and love even when it's undeserved or when I'm justified or when it's really not my fault and the other person is a jerk.  I think that's the test.  It says in the Bible (paraphrased of course), "...even heathens love those that are kind to them, the hard part is loving those who are mean (or evil)."  I hope I got that right. I struggle with letting that stuff go and not worrying about it.  I'm trying to do more praying. 

Lots of great stuff going on with us....there's my whirlwind of randomness...


Unknown said...

No one really likes change so you were normal about the routine thing. Glad you had the opportunity to share some quality time with your friends. Doing the right thing today according to the Word is difficult in a society that is rapidly going in the wrong direction. I think the only answer for us is more prayer. Have a blessed weekend.

Vincent said...

so much stuff going on. hang in there!