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Friday, September 10, 2010


So, I finished my first 5K last night.  I was really tired going into and against Wonder Woman's (AKA my personal trainer-ha) advice, I did not hydrate as well as I should have.  I sweated more than I have ever sweat in my life. It was crazy humid. We ran over the river that was flooded which was kind of crazy.  Let me back up, the opening ceremonies were pretty emotional.  They talked about the tragedy of 9/11 and honored some of our own fallen heroes.  There were a lot of firefighters, police & other military personnel that ran.  I told Levi he could run on ahead of Wonder Woman and I stayed together.  She could have gone ahead too, I did hold her back.  We ended up finishing behind the army unit that ran.  They sang and chanted the whole race.  I was okay for a while in the race, I did walk some too.  The hills seriously kicked my butt.  At the last hill, Wonder Woman sped ahead and I started embarrassing but fortunately most had ear buds in and couldn't hear me.  Wonder Woman kept encouraging me to run the last hill which I reluctantly did.  Levi was waiting for us with bottles of water.  I think he expected a huge grin of accomplishment on my face.  I don't do "pain & discomfort" well and my face showed it. I just wanted to sit.  UGH!

Today, I do feel pride and accomplishment!!  They both told me that was the hardest 5K here because of the humidity and hills....we'll see.  Levi wants to do another this fall.   I'm up for it...or I will be after I rest:)  I am pretty tired today but feel good!!


.samuel said...

I remember my first 5k. It's always an emotional thing. Great job though, keep it up!

Unknown said...

Congratulations my friend. Go ahead and plan for the next one. You will be glad you did. Get some rest and enjoy the weekend.

heidijudy said...

You are awesome, Heather. Way to go. I hope you keep doing them. What an inspiration to yourself and your kids. You are Wonder Woman!