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Monday, June 28, 2010


So I don't want to steal Levi's thunder but on Sunday he taught on obedience.  He shared how he felt like God was calling him to go to Ghana this summer.  He didn't want to go, he was just playing kickball.  But he also felt like he had 2 choices, he could obey God or he could disobey God.  He didn't ask me so much about going as he told me he was going.  And I didn't fuss or complain or worry about where we would get the money.  I just agreed...not like me at all.  On Sunday he shared that when we're people who love mercy, it costs us.  He shared about his Ghana trip and how this trip will cost but again, he had the choice to obey or disobey and he chose to obey, whatever the cost is.  We had some friends call him and tell him that they were helping him with his trip. I sent them a message to thank them and their response was this, " thank God, not us. Just as Levi didn't have any choice in going, I didn't have any choice in giving."  That is so freakin' profound to me right now in my life.  God is working and moving and speaking and I am seriously just humbled and stunned and amazed to be a part of it.  I love it!!!

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Brandi Hanes said...

Hello there!! I just happened upon your blog and really enjoyed reading it!! Will be back to visit soon!!