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Saturday, June 26, 2010

10 Things I Love About My Hubs

Feeling lucky to have my husband so I thought I'd share why (well 10 things). Don't worry, I'll keep it G rated!! In no particular order.

1.   He's bold and a risk taker.  He's not afraid to do something that might be "crazy" to normal people. 
2.   He's really good at surprising me with random flowers.
3.  He has a crazy sense of humor and fun loving side.  He loves to scare people (yes, all of us).  He loves to play.  I find myself squelching that sometimes and am trying to learn NOT to do that.  I want our kids to inherit this trait.
4.  He's honest. 
5.  He is a GREAT deal finder!!
6.  He loves his family.
7.  He picks his mom up and spins her around his head (yeah, he still does it, poor woman!).
8.  He goes on dates with his daughter & takes the boy on "manly" adventures.
9.  He let's me stay home with my kiddos.
10.  He's passionate about God and His love!!!

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