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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Freezer Cooking =WOWSER

Okay so first let me say that freezer cooking is a crazy endeavor. It is tiresome and crazy while you're doing it, however, the benefits of having food for the next month is AWESOME. I've done freezer cooking a variety of ways. One time, Meagan and I shopped and cooked together and it was crazy.  Other times, I've done it cooperatively. Where, say 5 of us each cook 5 of 2 dishes and then we swap.  Well, this time, I did it solo....well, with my kids.  I grocery shopped with my kids which was overwhelming & frustrating because we needed so much.  I was also doing the KROGER mega sale so I had certain coupons and had to count items & confusing stuff like that.  The kids actually did great, I'm a mess when thrown off my schedule & that is why it was trying for me. I'm going to try to break my total spent down by freezer cooking & then the MEGA sale stuff that I couldn't pass up b/c it was free or SUPA cheap.  So, here is what I have in my freezer:

Main Dishes:
4 Poppy Seed Chicken (6 servings each)
4 Garlic Pizza Kits (not sure servings but each will make a large pizza)
3 Beef Stroganoff ( 6 servings each)
4 Calzones (4 servings each)
2 Sloppy Joes (6 servings each)
3 Salisbury Steak (4 servings each)
2 Taco Pies (6 servings each)
4 Cheesy Chicken Pot Pies (6 servings each)
4 Ziti (6 servings each)
2 Saucy Pork Chops ( 4 servings each)
2 BBQ Brisket (4 servings each)

Side Dishes:
4 Make Ahead Mashed Potatoes (6 servings each)
2 Creamy Italian Noodles ( 6 servings each)
5 Mac N Cheese (6 servings each)

4 Ice Cream Shoppe Pies (1 Blueberry/Strawberry, 1 Random Swirl, 1 Rocky Road, 1 Chocolate Chip)
3 Frozen Peanut Butter Bars (48 servings total)

Levi requested hot pockets which I haven't gotten to yet but I do have crescent rolls and chicken left so I may do a cheesy chicken crescent hot pocket or I might try bacon, egg, & cheese hot pockets. I'm worn out so those will have to wait at least until tomorrow.  The kitchen is closed.

The funny thing is, I started at 9:30pm on Wed. and went to bed at 2am.  Thursday night, I started at 7pm and went to bed at 2 am. Friday, I did some during the day but not much, I finished that night. I started at 8:30 pm and went to bed at 1:30am.   I did most of this while the kids were in bed.  It was easier that way, I could start & finish for the most part. 

Okay so now for the totals of what I spent. I spent approximately $152 on groceries, freezer bags, etc.  So, if I break that down into servings, I have a total of servings 320 (Main Dishes= 182 servings, Side Dishes= 66, Desserts=72 ). So, that means each serving cost about $0.46.  That is crazy to think about!!!

If you've never freezer's fun and so nice for the rest of the month if you can handle the butt kickin' at the beginning!!


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Michelle said...

Would love to have your recipes. Are they ones that are pre-cooked (such as the meet)? Most of the ones I did didn't involve cooking of the meat ahead of time. It saved a bunch of time. It was more of cutting veggies, preparing sauces and spices, bagging up in a certain way and then freezing. Then you pulled out the bag and had everything there and ready to bake, grill, etc. I'll send you some of my favorite recipes!