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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I have been a bad blogger as of late. I apologize. Honestly, I've kind of struggled in a lot of areas in the past few weeks...feel like I've been in a funk!! There is a lot going on and I've just been overwhelmed. I've kind of wanted to just shut down. So there's my excuse now to the business at hand....blogging about today.

It's been a good week. The kids are looking forward to Halloween. Woohoo!! I am not looking forward to the time change (and that it's the night of Halloween...HELLO!!). I'm finished with the book of Job. I'm glad. I'm not sure what to make of it and my reaction to it. It definitely challenged my thinking. If you haven't read it in a while, do and let me know what you think.

So last week, we're sitting in small group sharing prayer requests and Wendi shares that she has a visit to Baylor coming up. She goes every 6 months and since she's had chemo I think she goes every 3 maybe. She also shared that her hubby couldn't go because he had a work class. In my head I was thinking that I wanted to go with her but didn't say anything (didn't want to look like the goody two shoes pastor's wife---they know I'm not). Everybody left except Wendi & Erik because Levi roped him into moving our antennae into the attic (after bedtime BTW). Side note, moving it into the attic has helped us get MORE channels and it's free...woohoo!! Anyway, before I could tell her about going with her I get a text from Lori asking if I thought it would be okay for her to offer to go with Wendi. I kind of had a light bulb go off or something. I realized that this was "community." Wendi doesn't have family here and as a small group we are sharing life with each other. I love that. I love that Lori was open to another person's needs and willing to put that person above her. How cool.

So, today was the day that we went with Wendi to Baylor. It's pretty sobering to walk into a cancer center and know that every person there has been impacted by cancer in some way. I was glad we went with Wendi. It could be overwhelming. She teases and says this is old hat. Wendi got great reports and the chemo worked. She goes back in December for CTs. Wendi amazes me. She inspires me. She gives God credit and even on the way in today she said, "This is a win win for me. I have hope. If God heals me great but if not I have eternal life, it's a win win." Her outlook is incredible. We had a lot of good conversation today, some happy some sad. It was good for my soul. I need people and I need people that love me and are not only willing to share life with me but with others.

As we sat at lunch today and just kept talking (we did so much of that today, it was so nice), I sat listening to Lori and Wendi share. They are very similar and it was almost weird hearing how their stories lined up. It's also weird to me to think that 2 months ago they didn't know each other and yet today we all shared life together in a pretty intimate way. I love that.

If you go to Catalyst (or if you don't) I challenge you to join a small group (wherever you go). It will pay off...I saw that in action today. I know there are lots of excuses not to (too busy, another night away, scared, got my own group of friends, etc). It's amazing how quickly you grow to love it and miss it when you're not there. I find myself talking about our small group in NC alot and I definitely saw the importance and value of being vulnerable and again here, I love these people and so look forward to it!!

Any questions?? ASK!! Have a great Thursday!!

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