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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Single Parenting

This week, I've been alone with Addy.  Levi took Keegan on a road trip with him to a wedding. Keegan has been with Levi's parents while Levi's been enjoying wedding festivities.  It's nice for Keegan to get some one on one time with Levi and his parents.  I have had a great time with Addy.  I've really enoyed her company.   I've enjoyed hearing her tell a complete story without interruption or an argument about the facts.  I've enjoyed watching her dance to the music of her choosing for as long as she wants. I've enjoyed her telling me silly jokes and HER getting to say the punchline.  Some of those things she doesn't get to complete on a normal basis because of a certain younger brother who is just doing the job of being the little brother. 

Having Addy by myself, enjoying girl things and watching girly movies has been so fun for me.  I enjoy my time with Keegan and probably take it for granted because we're together so much.  This week has definitely shown me the importance of a little (or a lot) of one on one uninterrupted time.  I've really tried to put my phone, laptop, and some "to do lists" down to enjoy & listen to her.  It's been well worth it. 

There are seasons in life and with our kids and this season is great.  Addy & Keeg are both pretty independent and self sufficient and are just loads of fun. I'm not at all saying it's all roses, there are definitely challenges. I'm under no delusion that my kids are perfect or genius but they are amazing and they're mine so I can have that opinion. I don't want to push my kids to do or be things they are not just to measure up to someone else's unrealistic standards.   I'm learning that I have nothing to prove in my parenting to anyone except to my kids.  They need to know they are loved unconditionally.  They need to know that I support them 100% in anything they do.  They need to know that they can be themselves.   They need boundaries and consequences to be kept safe.  And above all, they need to know that they have a God who loves them and created them to be who they are.  It is my responsibility and challenge at times to teach them these things.

I fail a lot at parenting.  I'm glad there are new days.  I'm glad my kids don't remember my failures. I'm glad they forgive better than I do.  I'm glad they teach me to be a better me.  I'm one lucky mama!!
I've missed Levi & Keegan and will definitely be glad when we're all reunited but in the meantime I'm thankful for all the girl time I'm getting!!

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