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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Just wanted to take a second and write about my mom.  Oh my word!!  My mom is one of the most hilarious, fun loving, silly people that I know.  She is friendly to everyone and will talk to anyone.  She has a huge heart and loves people (and to sing).  My mom is amazing. I am so lucky to have her.  I'm thankful that she always told me that I could do and be whatever I wanted.  She always supported me and let me be myself and was okay with whatever that meant. 

I'm also thankful for my older sister, what a great example for me.  She has such a compassionate and loving heart and spirit.  I'm thankful for strong grandmothers and the examples that they were to me.  I'm also thankful for a terrific mother in law that is better than what I ever could have expected or dreamed of!!  I'm telling you, I am one lucky lady.

The worst part of being way out here in the great state of Texas is being so far away from our families, especially on days like Mother's Day.  I've tried not to think about it because I do start to get a little mad (maybe displaced sadness, I don't know).  I miss my mom (and Dad and sister's family) terribly.  I'm thankful for the legacy that was left for me.  I've also been a little more aware that there are people today that are missing their mom on mother's day for the first time and my heart aches for them.  And, I'm keenly aware of my friends who have such a yearning and desire to be a mom but haven't been able to experience that yet and I'm praying for them.  Today has been a day full of emotions and thoughts. 

Happy Mother's Day!!

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