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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Rebuttal from My Husband's Sermon

Okay so Levi talks about our family, me, Jonathan, and this morning, he threw Jacob in there.  I am so okay with that.  BUT, today, he crossed a line so I am here to set everyone straight.  He talked about our raised garden that we planted last spring.  (I'm really not upset but will set the record straight nonetheless). So, we actually spent around $60 on the raised bed materials.  Some of my plants went CRAZY (like the watermelon) and we actually had to pull it up because it was taking over the garden...the vines, we didn't see the first fruit of a watermelon.  My basil also went bonkers.  I made a bunch of fresh pesto and shared (Rachel Hieby-helped me make it and it was so yumolicious!!). We were able to give a lot of jalapenos away (Fred S. & Irene I particularly liked them).  And, I did water the plants...maybe not as frequently as I should have but I enjoyed pulling the weeds & taking care of it.

I realize my hubs took some pastoral leeway this morning with our story.  The point was made that our relationship with God is similar to a garden.  If we don't cultivate and dig and water, we will be barren in our lives. We will not experience the fruits of that relationship.  It was awesome. I love hearing Levi preach & teach. He is truly being used by God and I love that.  I love our church...last week Levi said something like this, "Left to myself, I am one angry and mean s.o.b."  He used the letters not the words. I love that. After church, a friend told me the scripture I read was kick ass.  Another friend that I'm reading the Bible with told me that Jesus was one bad ass.  I love that our people (and pastor) are just real.  They're not prettifying themselves for show.  They are just who they are.   I LOVE IT!!!

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Unknown said...

Just about every preacher I have ever known likes to use family situations to drive home a point and sometimes the rebuttal is needed. You explained it very well.