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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bible Reading

My friend April and I are reading the Bible together.  We're doing the One Year Bible plan.  I am behind...partially because we started different plans and so I quit my first one and joined her plan.  I am not quite caught up but I should be in a few days. It's pretty interesting to hear insights about the Bible from different personalities.  And April's perspective is quite different than mine.  That's good and great.  I'm trying to read with new eyes and gain new insights.  I realize I'm pretty judgmental about somethings and I'm trying not to be that way.  It's definitely hard at times.
I also just read an article about Hillsong United.  It was pretty cool to read about their humility in worship. The article talked about the culture of Australia and how they call it tall poppy syndrome.   They basically knock down all the tall poppy to keep grounded.  This is crazy. I think it's the opposite here.  It's like we all think of ourselves better than others and are encouraged to do so.  And, it seems like there's a lot of two faced butt kissing....and then back stabbing.  It was a very interesting article about their humility and their focus and how they stay grounded.  Everything points back to the Holy Spirit and their encounter during worship with Him. One quote was that "worship is not a song, it's a devotion." I love that.  I want my life to be a devotion to God, one that flows into every facet of my life.  

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Unknown said...

I love the music that Hillsong has made so popular and can understand how they feel about worship. I hope your experience reading the Word is rich and rewarding.