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Friday, April 16, 2010

Kickball can change a life.....

well it did my husband's.  I'm going to direct you to his blog for the details. I'm not usually big on, let's just do it..impulsive living.  BUT, at the same time, I'm trying to hear God's voice and prompting (because let's face it....not really heard a loud thunderclap or boom and a directive from the clouds).  I'm trying to be a giver, a cheerful giver. I'm trying to be a lover of mercy and truthfully I don't even know what all that entails or means.  I'm trying to live selflessly and that is so hard for a critical person who struggles with life being fair (this would be me I"m speaking of...what is that Character flaw numbers 5 & 6 I think).  So, when Levi came home from the 50 hour kickball game (..yeah you might want to read his post before mine) and after I was sure he was coherent, we began talking about the experience.  He began to tell me more about the impact that Chris Field and the Mercy Project had on him.  I struggled to fight back tears thinking that parents could sell their child and that a fisherman would really make a kid work 16-18 hours dishing water out of a boat so it wouldn't sink.  It broke my heart. I couldn't imagine A or K being in that situation.  So, Levi mentioned that Chris was going back to Ghana this summer on a mission trip and that at some point he would love to join Chris and see firsthand.  Levi loves Chris....BACKGROUND: Chris & his wife moved 2 doors down from us last summer to kind of plant or restart a church.  Isn't it funny how God brings lives together.  We've seen the change in Chris over the last year. He first went to Ghana last summer and his life was forever changed. So much so that he started a nonprofit organization called Mercy Project.  He was not only changed but he was moved to action and he is changing the world one day at a time.  Cut back to Levi mentioning Chris' trip this summer. I looked at him and said, "Go this summer."  He was shocked because one, I hadn't asked how much the trip would cost and 2, I was willfully letting him go for a couple of weeks without a guilt trip.  If I know anything about God, I know that He puts people and situations in our lives and uses others to demonstrate His mercy, grace, & compassion.  Chris is an example of those things to my husband and Levi (I hope) is the same for him in different ways.  So, a week later I don't know how much the trip will cost and we'll probably be asking for some help....don't avoid us:)  But, I know if there's a desire in Levi's heart to change the world, I want him to tap into it.  I want him to grab that bull by the horns. I want God to use him however he can and wherever He can.  I want to be supportive and not a roadblock for my husband. I tend to be the "I want to see how it all works and know the end" kind of person.  I'm trying to be the "I'm trusting and have faith" kind of person.  So...the moral of the blog is, kick really can change a life and that life can change another life and so on and so forth.

Sorry to go all spiritual on's definitely a little deeper than normal life talk but I needed to process it a bit and share.   

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Mrs. P said...

Heather: Thanks for sharing your heart thru this blog. It sounds like your life is being "globalized" thru Mercy Project. Keep listening to His voice. God Bless you, Levi and your family. Just for your information, I highly recommend a book, "A Hole in the Gospel", by Richard Stearns, the President of World Vision. It was a hard read in that it touched my heart for world missions so deeply. Im sure you and Levi both would enjoy it.