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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wowser Catalyst is rockin' my face off......

We've had an AWESOME weekend at Catalyst.  Saturday started with family fun day. We took the kids to see Princess & The Frog. It was cute...there was some scary voodoo stuff but both kids (and parents) survived and it was cute. 

Saturday night we had our Christmas concert at Catalyst. It was a lot of fun...very laid back and great music if I do say so myself!  I think you can check it out at

Then today another awesome day. Levi did a great job sharing about Mary's role in the birth of Jesus (ha that sounds funny since she birthed Jesus-you know what I mean).  I love when Levi is transparent and just him. I love love love that!!!  Ooh la la I hope he reads this:)

Music was awesome today.  Our band is awesome. I realize that could come off arrogant since I am in the band but I mean the people in the band.  They're incredible and I am so lucky to be up there with them.  They seriously rock my socks off:) 

Meagan was definitely the show stopper today...she busted out some rock opera and KILLED it!!! I love when people are shocked by talent and today they were just that. If you missed it, you really missed it. can go back and watch at 

SO excited for Christmas...

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