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Monday, December 7, 2009

Good Day

Today was a busy but good day!  The kids (& I) slept a little later this morning.  We had to get ready and had Brenda cut our hair.  BTW, she did an AWESOME job on all 3 of us (she cut Levi's Friday).  She trimmed The Adsters.  She did awesome, especially on K Man (he can be a challenge).  We hung out there for a while.  She also waxed my eyebrows which I needed desperately.  We got home and decided to change the Christmas pic time from 4:50 to 1:30.  So, I got the kiddos ready and rushed out the door.  They did SUPER at the pics, they turned out so stinkin' cute!! We blew some time at Target while they were getting our pics ready.  We stopped by to get new toll tag stickers.  We met Levi for dinner (gift cards rock!!) then headed to Sam's.  Levi took K home and the girls went to Target & Michaels.  It was a long but good day.  At dinner, A picked up a kid's menu and totally sounded out the word, milk. I mean she told me all the letters and then went back and sounded out their sounds and said, "That's milk."  I got teary...truly I did.   What a big girl thing to do! I'm so proud of that little chica!!!  Then K Man just does crazy stuff. He is saying so much and is turning into quite the trickster.  He was using the potty tonight and had gas and he said, "My bottom say (insert sound noise)."  And just laughed and laughed.  They are so awesome!!!

Looking forward to an equally busy & wonderful Tuesday!!

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