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Saturday, December 19, 2009

And Another One Bites & Another One Bites, Another One Bites the dust.....

seriously another week with no blogging....what am I thinking? I have the best intentions.  Let me recap this week because the previous one is just a blur......

Okay so Levi went out of town on his "retreat" Monday and didn't get back until Wed. evening.  The weekend before we went to a Saint Karla show in Deep Ellum, Sprang was opening for them. And another band, Surprise! Surprise! played too. It was a night of Christmas songs. It was a lot of fun.  We were sitting in a club celebrating Christ's birth....crazy & fun all at the same time!  We get home and as we're walking in the door, we hear yelling & 2 gunshots. It was kind of crazy.  Apparently we have some neighbors that had a family disturbance so one of them decided to shoot 2 shots in the ground at midnight....not typical!!!  I do have to admit it kind of freaked me out.  Sometime during this evening, Levi lost his car keys.  So that is a story in itself, I'm actually trying to forget it.

The last 2 Sundays I've been in The Lab with the elementary kids. I enjoy that but I miss hearing Levi.  We're praying that God would bring someone who lives & breathes kid's to help out in The Lab.  It's great don't get me wrong we're just praying!

Random I know so just hang with me.....I'm trying to catch you up.

This has been the most fun Christmas.  Both kids are in awe of EVERYTHING Christmas and I absolutely love it.  We've been watching Christmas movies like they are going out of style.  We are really trying to teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas as well (I knew I should throw that in before you start thinking it's all about Santa):) 

A few weeks ago, Levi preached about giving and doing and sacrificing for others (I'm paraphrasing, that's what I heard).  I've been praying that God would make my heart tender to needs around me and be open to those things.  I want to instill that into our kids. I want them to be tender-hearted to God's calling and loving to His people.  I never want to focus on me and my wants. I want to focus on other people's needs.  That's hard sometimes, especially during this time of year.  We adopted an angel tree child this year and I talked alot with Addy about that. I want her to know that people have needs and we can help. I think sometimes I think I can't help because we don't have an abundance of cash. HELLO....I can help. There are others with no clothes (I wrote clues and had to re-type that is funny-sorry side note there), no food, no jackets....I can help.  I want to help!

I'm loving our C Group. I am amazed at their kindness and willingness to serve and love others.  We went to Rockwall's Helping Hands Wednesday night and sorted toys.  It was amazing how fast they worked and how much fun we all had.  I'm so thankful for them.  Truly!!!

Addy & K Man were in their first Christmas performance at their school this week.  I'm going to upload the videos in a bit so you can watch.  Addy even had a line to say.  They're awesome. I'm so thankful for them. Last night we went with Xuan and her kids to Richardson's Santa Village.  It was fun.  When we got home, I read them Max Lucado's book, In Case You Ever Wonder. I got teary as I read.  I don't ever want my kids to wonder if and how much i love them or if I'll always be there for them. I want them to know how much God loves them too.  I'm thankful!!!

Random but I think you're caught up on the Lowry Life!!!

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