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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Catch Up

i so need to catch up. We're in Huntsville, Alabama with Levi's parents. We had a GREAT time in Florida with my parents. When we got off the plan and were waiting for my mom, Addy had tears of joy in her eyes. I got teary at how excited she was to be with her family. Christmas was wonderful. It was so cool to watch Addy believe and enjoy Christmas. We drove from Florida to Georgia and got to spend a night with Levi's sister. It was good to see her and her family. We drove to Alabama yesterday and have enjoyed being with Grammy & Poppy & Mimi.

If you read Levi's blog you know the van broke down on his way to Florida. I'm still not sure what we're going to do about it. It is supposed to be in Huntsville this week and we'll get it to a mechanic to fix the brakes. I'm thankful it wasn't the transmission but we are getting rid of it and getting something else, enough is enough.

Speaking of enough, I guess that's enough for now. Hope you all had a great Christmas.

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