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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


So Keegan has begun talking. And he's trying to say all kinds of stuff. He started saying poopoo and pointing to his diaper. We put the potty out a few months ago and let him sit on it and we talk about it. Well, he's started getting more interested in it. So, last night he sat on it and I think he used it. I couldn't be sure. So, tonight, he said "poo-poo" and sat on the potty. All of a sudden, he started peepeeing. I was so excited I yelled, "Yeah Keegan," which startled him. He jumped up and peed on my foot. I didn't care I was so thrilled he actually used the potty:) woo hoo for the K man!!!


Barnes Family said...

woohoo! How old is Keegan? Aidan started pottying at the end of August, and is completely potty trained (except for at night). And he started the same way, so yeah for getting close to not having to buy diapers!

HeatherLow said...

Woo hoo...I am so over diapers girl I can't wait:) However, it does make me sad to be losing my baby:( He's actually only 21 months so I think it will be a while but it's a start.