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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Happy New Year...only 18 days late

I keep telling myself that I need to blog more frequently, that it's therapeutic for me to get my thoughts out, that I want to update my friends and family about our life.  And then....I do nothing.  I get busy and distracted and I just don't do anything.
So, thus Jan. 18 being my first time blogging since the new year.

So, here are some updates:

Our oldest turned 10 this week.  For some reason, this birthday was quite hard for me.  I can't believe that she has hit that milestone.  She is such an independent, compassionate, and sassy child.  She is a mini me and I cannot deny that at all.  I am so fortunate to have her as a child.  She teaches me every day to enjoy being creative, to dance and sing frequently, to give to others and give people the benefit of the doubt,  and to enjoy being outside.  I am so proud of her and can't wait to see how God uses her to build His kingdom.

This transition continues to be a challenge that I am trying to learn from.  This is such a weird spot to be in.  I know that Levi needed a change and being near my parents was the best case scenario.  I am loving that part of it.  Having my mom come with me to the kids practices, getting to meet my parents for lunch or shopping, having last minute dinners with them, and them watching our kids has been AMAZING.  I'm not sure I could go back to not having that.  That being said, we were so accustomed to our life in Dallas. I had a great job and loved my coworkers, I had my best friends within minutes, I loved our church and the people there.  So, to not have all that greatness, has been really hard.   I feel like a broken record to keep harping on that and I'm ready for things to be easier.  Things are falling into place.  We have found a church and are going to plug into a small group here in the next few weeks.  Once we get settled and in a grove, I'm going to audition to be a vocalist.  I miss leading worship a lot.  The kids are really enjoying the church and I think we all feel good with our decision.  Levi has a more consistent schedule and is enjoying what he's doing.  He is "picking" with great success and finding that fulfilling.  You can read about it here.  I'm not sure if this will be a long term or short term endeavor.  I miss hearing Levi preach and teach.  He is so gifted in that area and I miss hearing him terribly.  Work is good, definitely making more friends there and feeling like I'm fitting in well.

This new year, instead of making resolutions, I thought about things I want to do better.  I hate resolutions because I feel like such a failure when I break them.

I want to be healthier.  I've gained about 15 pounds in the last 6 months, beginning with our move.  We ate out while our house was being fixed.  Then, we had dinner with so many fabulous friends before leaving Dallas.  Then, once we moved, I just wasn't disciplined at all.  I'm still not if I'm completely honest.  I have got to see my weight as a health issue and not as a pride/vanity/I want to be a size 2 issue.  I need to get active and make better food choices.  I'm also trying to drink more water.

I'm also going to focus on my spiritual health as well.  I think we do a disservice telling people, you don't have to read your Bible and pray every day to be a Christ follower, even though that's true.  If we don't do that, we're missing out on knowing who God is and how to live life to the fullest.  It's about a relationship but if I'm not talking to and wanting to know more, it's not a relationship.  It's not about reading and praying for this much time every day, it's about desiring to be in relationship with Christ and then doing what it takes to maintain that relationship.

I want to enjoy life.  This summer, my neighbor and I got tattoos...I know shocking right?!   I've wanted one for a while but wasn't sure I could do it.  Well, I did it,   My tattoo means to embrace life.  I want to do that better as a parent and be less concerned with my kids being perfect, my house being perfect, and more concerned with my kids and my husband being happy and content when they're around me.

I think that about wraps it up.   You are caught up with my life.   Hopefully, I'll blog sooner than later.

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