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Thursday, March 1, 2012


I've realized that blogging for me is a glorified journal and sometimes what I write or say adds no benefit to anyone except me.  It's a bit therapeutic for me....although it's so random & non-sensical most of the time.

So, here are a few silly things that I heard today:

I picked A up from school and she "tricked" me by telling me she won some contest and even told me the prize she got.  Then, she says, "I got you."  And laughs and laughs because she's pulled one over on me.  So tonight when I was tucking her in bed, she said, "I am on fire with that Mom, I'm getting you so good."  She says the funniest things.

This evening, Levi took K to soccer practice so i went for a walk/jog/whatever and let A ride her bike. She was ahead of me most of the time but at one point, I got in front of her and started jogging to which she begins to yell and sing, "You've got a wedgie in your crotch!" over and over.  She wasn't trying to be mean, I think she thought it was funny.  Me, on the other hand, did not think my thighs rubbing together and sucking up my shorts was very funny.

K this morning on the way to preschool was singing Adele with me.  Dang, that boy belts it out and I love that.  Both of my kids love to sing and I hope they always have that love and creative way to express themselves.

And to end our night, we shared our juicer with our neighbors.  We actually (Levi) made juices for our neighbors on Sunday and so one of them brought a bag of apples over tonight to say thanks;)  Levi ended up juicing them and sending them back home.  We sat and laughed and Levi told some silly stories about his childhood.  I love our neighbors and I love that we've connected with them. 

I think that's all the randomness I can think of right now....I wish I would think to stop and right down all the funny things A & K say immediately.  I truly could (like every other mom) write a book.

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