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Thursday, March 15, 2012


I feel like I have been jet setting the past couple of weeks.  So, I went with April to California a week or so ago.  We went to an emetrics conference. It was very good.  I had never been to California so i was tickled about that.  I got to meet a lot of big shots in the world of digital analytics which was exciting.  I also learned a lot.  What I do for April is a lot of analysis and a lot of what was being spoken on, etc, didn't directly correlate with what I do. However, at the same time it did.  One theme that kept coming up was simpicity.  Simplicity in how your data looks (graphs, charts, etc).  Simplicity in learning what the client wants and delivering that to them.  Simplicity in methodology & strategy.  Those things can apply to anyone.  I am very new to this world and do not yet feel confident in a lot of my ability.  I am very fortunate to have such a great teacher and a great relationship with her. I really feel like I could ask any stupid, elementary question and she would make a learning opportunity.  Anyway, the conference was great.  I did go as a representative of Catalyst Church and my tag said so.  It was really interesting for me to go to the exhibit hall with all of the vendors trying to sell big buck items to big buck clients.  After reading my tag, they would ask, "Wow, that must be a big church?" When I answered, "um, no not really," they quickly dismissed me for the next prospective client.  I had one vendor even compare my business (church) to a fortune teller and almost make fun of me.   I just kind of laughed it off but it ticked me off the more I thought about it.  It actually sparked some pretty interesting conversations between April and I and even sparked a talk that she will be delivering next month.  So, good came out of even that.

We flew home on Wed.  I ended up getting sick and she did too actually.  We were supposed to leave town again for SXSW on Friday.  I was delayed because of my sickness at my house. I left Saturday morning and met April.  It was fun and interesting and we sat in on some good sessions but we were both so tired and worn out, we ended up leaving early and coming home.

That's the story of my jet setting.....I'm glad to be home and settled back into a routine for the moment!

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