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Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

We've been celebrating Valentine's Day and will continue through tomorrow. It's actually been a lot of fun around here.
Friday night, we had a double date with our friends Katy & Boyd.  It's always fun when you're friends with your friend's husband/wife.  We all four get along really well and this year, Katy and I thought it'd be fun to let the boys pick the date.  This was our third year celebrating Valentine's with them.  The Dallas Bicycle Cafe just opened right behind their shop so Boyd thought it'd be fun to do a Friday night ride around White Rock Lake and then eat there afterwards.  Reluctantly at first, Katy and I agreed.  We kept a watch on the weather.  It was COLD on Friday night and the organized ride didn't start until 7:45.  We were determined! The four of us got bundled up and actually left a little earlier.  It was so much fun and I am surprised that I enjoyed it so.  My hiney is still a little sore from the "saddle" but that was my only complaint. We got to talk and enjoy the scenery of a night ride. We saw a coyote, beaver, and raccoon. It was great. We topped the night off at the Bicycle Cafe and just had a great time.  Definitely one of the most memorable Valentine dates.  And, I love that Levi had fun and he loved that I had fun.  Perfect night!!
Tonight, we went out as a family to Carinos (1/2 off family platters on Mondays).  We really just enjoyed each other. We told each person something we loved about them.  It was a lot of fun.
I just got to play Cupid and lay out the goodies for Valentine's Day.  Fortunately, I got each kid a toy on Walmart's clearance rack a few weeks ago.  I also hit up Target's dollar spot 50% off sale and we always get an edible treat and balloon from the Dollar Tree.  Both sets of grandparents sent goodies and Mimi (great grandmother) also sent a card for the kids.  They racked up!! There's even a card for Levi and I in there...woot woot!!  I think I spent $10 on each kid. I love a deal.
Levi and I usually don't buy gifts but....we've been wanting a juicer.  Levi found a great deal on Amazon and I've been saving up my rewards points on my Scentsy card so we paid $11 for a juicer that is now sold out and selling for lots more than it was selling for last week when we bought it. Woohoo! Again, I love a deal.  Our juicer should arrive tomorrow so Happy Valentine's Day to us!
Tomorrow, we will have a nice, quiet (ha), candlelight dinner at home and maybe enjoy a freshly juiced drink for dessert!

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