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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So, I was slightly offended (not really) when asked earlier this week if I was through with blogging.  I guess by behavior, all signs lead to that conclusion but not in in my heart.  I truly want to document and fill you all in ....because I know you are all so curious as to the happenings of my life.  I realized though at times, my blogging desire borders on a strange desire to complain, fuss, vent on the world wide web.  Although sometimes I find that appropriate, no with my motives or intentions.  I'm trying to tame my tongue and more so, my thoughts.  I've struggled the past month with negativity and criticism.  I am reading a book called, The Dance of Anger. It is fabulous.  I am trying to figure myself out which is not an easy task.  I'm trying to figure out what is it in me that causes such a strong reaction of negativity to certain situations. I don't have many answers but at least I'm connecting some dots for myself.

In other news, this week is crazy.  We've tried very successfully to reduce some schedule chaos.  This week, however, is a chaotic schedule week.  Monday night I had a Scentsy open house at a local high school, then an event at A's school.  Tonight we had K's end of season soccer pics & party.  Tomorrow night, we're going to celebrate Chick-fil-a's 5 year anniversary, Thursday, we've got a meeting, Friday, I have a Scentsy open house, Saturday we have a birthday party.  Isn't that wack-a-doodle??!!  My goal tomorrow is NOT to leave the house except to take & pick up A from school until dinner time.  I'm so doing it;)

Alrighty, that's an update.  You're all caught up on me!!!

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