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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Traveling Pants

Random but I love those movies.  I love the friendships that are shared and I love that one pair of jeans fits all of those it!!

This week I've connected with a lot of my friends, tried to connect with one in NC that I keep tagging to no avail and another from TN that keeps tagging no avail.  It's felt good.  Monday I was able to catch up with Wendi and it has been WAY too long. I love that lady.  April also worked from home on Monday and we went to lunch. Oh my word, chatty Kathy she was and I belly laughed at the stories she shared with me.  Monday night we met as Fusion Band and shared a meal together.  It was so good to see Jono & Julie, again it's been way too long.  Tuesday night we shared a swanky meal with the Bloomers. I love them and I felt like I was 20 and carefree.  Today I met up with Meagan & Marilyn and shared breakfast with them. I miss my original accountability girls. It was so good just to catch up on life.  And tonight, I sat around a table with 20 of my closest friends, my small group (not so small).  It was so much fun laughing and eating and hearing joys & struggles in each other's lives.  I love having friends.  I need them.  I'm reminded of how the Body of Christ cannot function apart but only together.  I'm reminded that I NEED desperately community.  I'm also challenged to go beyond my community to always expand and grow it. I'm also reminded not to be satisfied with the interaction of only my community but that I also need to be interacting and engaging with the God who makes all of this possible.  I'm a lucky girl....feeling very thankful!

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