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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This week

has kicked my butt!!  Here's the low down or run down or a little of both:

Sunday- church, lunch, pot pie mass production, visited Xuan & Baby sweet!!

Monday- accountability (which turns into playdate with Katy & Jack), grocery shopping, wedding shower-fun!

Tuesday- work, dinner, soccer

Wednesday- errands, visit with Sheila (tonsils out-OUCH), organize all songs into hanging files, clean house, c group, planning/school work

Thursday- work, dinner, soccer, Scentsy party

Friday- cleaning, practice for ladies retreat, take food with Tiff to Sheila, CHILL at hotel

Saturday- Ladies Retreat, Mar's baby shower (YEAH!), Daddy/Daughter Dance

OH MY GOSH!!  Seriously this is ONE JAM PACKED week!!  it's crazy!  I'm tired and feeling  a bit overwhelmed and March is sneaking up on me....crazy!!

On a side note, we had a GREAT c group tonight.  Our sharing keeps going deeper and deeper. I love that all of my friends are being vulnerable and okay with that.  I LOVE IT!!!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

A full week but a good week. You keep that pace up though and a burnout in your future. Be careful.