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Thursday, August 12, 2010

A second

I wanted to catch up a minute.  The house is still quiet which is strange. I think my kids are worn out.  We are trying to transition into "school hours" but have not been so successful as of yet.  Anyway, it's quiet and I need to get off the computer and do my devotions but wanted to update quickly.  This week has been great.  I've been busy.  I've kind of had a hard time getting back in the swing of things since Levi's been home from Ghana. It's been strange.  We're getting there.  I cleaned the house this week and got almost all of AL's school supplies.  I think part of my problem is being okay with the school thing.  That's a big deal for me and I'm kind of sad about it.  She'll do great and I am so proud of her but I'm going to miss her.  This year I'm also teaching 2 days a week at a private school.  I think I'm a little nervous about transitioning back into a teaching role and not sure what that will be like.  Lots of changes.  I do think it will be neat to be with K-man.  Just different with both kiddos. 

Everything else is fine.  We've had to deal with a situation in the past few weeks that has been interesting and challenging all at the same time.  On the flip side of it it's interesting dealing with people.  That's profound, huh?!  No, not really!  People are unpredictable.  Truth gained, I want to be a real person (like Pinocchio- a real boy-jk).  I don't want to live one life for some and another for others.  I want to be one person.  I want to be true to myself while being considerate, compassionate, and merciful to others.  That's tricky to do.  When you deal with people or situations that's aren't graceful, compassionate, merciful, you realize how that feels. In response to being treated not so kindly, the human side of me says, "I hope they get treated this way or have to deal with this situation so they see how it feels." or "Paybacks are coming."  But, the Christian, Christ-loving side, has to take a different stance.  I do want them to learn and treat others better in the future but I shouldn't want revenge.  That's a hard balance to get those two sides in line.

Another random thought, I'm thankful for Jonathan & Meagan. Jonathan is like a brother to Levi and I so appreciate that.  I like him okay too:)  JK, he's like a little brother to me and I treat him like that sometimes.  I am so proud that they're on our team.  Meagan and I are great friends too. We spent the day together yesterday and she's someone I can just be honest with and she doesn't judge.  Just a shout out.  BTW, can't wait for baby J to get here....Aunt HeaHea is ready!! Yes, he is going to call me that:)

Have a great week!!

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