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Saturday, June 6, 2009


Yeah, I don't know either but I've run out of cute titles. We've had a good and busy week since Wednesday. I took the kids to Wetzone on Thursday and they had fun and slept a long time at nap time. Levi went for a bike ride with Blain & some other friends so he got home late. That was okay b/c that night, I went to Fridays with some girlfriends. We had a great time. I've truly been blessed with wonderful mommy friends. Levi took Friday off so we went garage saling and got some wonderful finds. Then we headed to the wetzone and the kids again had a blast. Levi had to ref last night so I ran some errands. I got a Bath & Body giftcard for my birthday (thanks Gram Lowry). They're having their semi-annual sale and Wallflowers were only $4 so I stocked up. Then I headed to Janessa's to grab some scarves and hats for Wendi (she has some cute cute stuff to wear). Wendi let me borrow a couple of the hats for vacation...I know I kind of felt bad but they are sOO cute. I'll return them when we get back :) Thanks Wendi!! Then, I swung into Bed, Bath, & Beyond to grab an all weather picnic blanket for the sprinkler park, etc. It was marked $19.99 but was on sale for $14.99 and I had a 20% off coupon....score!! Arbys for supper and over to Wendi's to drop off hats. Then home with my laundry date. It was a long day but very productive. I did all the laundry so there are seriously very very few dirty clothes in our house. That feels good. I also packed for our Florida trip. I feel bad that Levi can't go. If you're in the area, check in on him for me. I know he'll keep busy....disc golf and mountain biking as much as he'd like...not having to be home for dinner or help with the's a rough life. I know he'll miss us and we'll miss him. I'm so excited to see my family:)

Anyway, today's been busy too...birthday party for Kelton this morning(thanks Matt & Rach). We had a great time. And Hunter's graduation party tonight...woohoo!! We're going to party hard;) I probably won't get a lot of blog time when I'm in Florida but I'll be tweeting:)

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