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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Awesome Praises

I just have to say it, ever since we've moved here God has done some awesome things. Well, this week, there are more. Levi and I joke because he'll get ready to tell me a story and he'll say, "I'm not one of those people who says it's a God thing but...." and then proceeds to tell me the God thing. I've told him to quit saying that because he is one of those people. It's just amazing how coincidental things are but they're really not because they are God things. Like this week, our band really needs in ear monitors. The facility where we're meeting isn't so conducive to our type of sound...we rock. It's loud and there's a lot of stage noise. If we all had in ear monitors, there's no need for the stage noise, we can each control what we hear. So, Levi and Jonathan have been praying about that. Sidenote: Catalyst is committed to being a church who gives and serves. So, we saw a need with another church plant and tried to do a small part to help. Well, another church plant is doing the same for us. It's just so cool how we're all helping each other. So, back to the story...our music guy is working with another worship pastor and happens to mention the need for in ear monitors. Well, low and behold this worship pastor is getting ready to list his church's in ear monitor system on Ebay and offers it to us at a FRACTION of the value. What the heck? How cool is that??!! It's just really exciting to me and I'm trying to notice the God things in my life on a daily basis.

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