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Saturday, October 4, 2014

So the morning after thoughts....

In light of my post yesterday...I have to post today.  This morning I was able to sleep in.  I was able to peruse pinterest until I found the perfect method for making a wreath.  I went to our storage shed and got all of my Fall and Halloween decorations.  I leisurely decorated for fall and then created a Fall wreath to hang on my door which then turned into a centerpiece because I found a fall wreath in my decorations. I spruced up said fall wreath.  I forgot how much I enjoy crafting and creating.  It was rejuvenating to be able to do that without rushing or hurrying.  The kids and I cleaned up around the house while Levi was in town running errands.  I did laundry then organized my linen closet which was a wreck since we moved in.  I got to do little things that I needed to be done.  I spent a chunk of time on the phone with a friend and with my mother in law which was so nice.

I'm thankful for my Saturdays that are low key and relaxing.  I have to say that our Saturdays before were spent filled up with other people's events and our events and we had lots of fun.  But, they weren't very relaxing for the most, but not relaxing.  I've enjoyed that change immensely.

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